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Closed permanently!

We closed the farm in 2014. We no longer have any birds. It was fun while it lasted. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things such as jewelry making & photography.

Burning the old pens

Burning the old pens

Tearing down old pens

Tearing down old pens

Getting rid of the old pens

Getting rid of the old pens

May 22, 2014~ Breaking news~ Selling off all my chickens & ducks. Bad predator problem. I’d rather have them go to a safe home than be ripped apart & eaten alive by some nasty creature. Taking a year off of poultry to tear down old pens, build new ones and beef up security. Apparently a 6 foot privacy fence, a GSD & livestock guardian cat and small hole hardware cloth isn’t enough. So tired of the carnage. Lost so many beautiful show birds! Selling whole flocks (6 Butterscotch Calls, 2 trios of Splash Cochin bantams and 6 juveniles (2 pullets & 4 cockerels). I also have 12 beautiful splash chicks. I will be posting whole flock auctions on The Original Poultry Bid page tonight. The cochins are Mandy’s line (Cochin Coop), Call ducks are Jerry Foley/Dennis Fuller lines (one hen is from Gemara Leska).


Update (May 31st, 2014)~ all the birds are sold & shipped out to their new owners. We are tearing down & burning all the old coops & pens. Our show/breeding flock of Splash Cochins went to Florida until we can rebuild & start over in a year or two. Ben Rowe will be taking care of my birds & breeding them as I would, using blues from Joe Mazur to improve type, color and head width. He will return the birds to me when we are ready to start over. He will have some offspring to sell if you are looking for nice cochins. Shoot me a message if you want to get birds from him.

March is here and spring is not. It has been a long hard winter here and we are making some changes. We lost over half our flock to a dog attack on Christmas Day. So we only have 3 breeder/show birds left. We have 3 Splash Cochin bantams and 7 Buttescotch Call ducks. We started hatching chickens early this year to try & rebuild our flock, buying eggs from other reputable cochin breeders. We had only Cochin Coop lines for 5 years, all that hard work is now down the drain. The birds we lost were the best I had ever seen/had. There is no way to replace them. Adding new bloodlines in means our birds are now Funky Feathers stock. We will be keeping the best of the best for our breeding pens and for showing. Any birds we raise and do not keep will be sold via our Facebook page or BYC ( We are shutting down our official website (, as it has not been profitable ($20/month). We are cutting corners and that money would be better spent providing quality care for our birds. Another change is that we can now ship birds to Virginia. Getting the import permit is now much easier. We will have a few started cochins available in May, call duck pairs will be available in August/September. We price our birds according to quality, which we cannot judge until 3-4 months of age. We do not crank out large numbers of birds like a commercial hatchery. If you want cheap yard birds please look elsewhere. If you want large quantities you can order from a hatchery (keep in mind those birds will not be show quality and will not represent the breed you are buying. They are mass produced by poor quality birds kept in strict confinement. For example, hatchery silkies will have tiny crests if any, barely any leg/foot feathers, poor feather condition, pointy tails, no cushion, etc.) If you don’t know what any of that means then you will be happy with hatchery birds. But if you do, and you want good quality, then you have come to the right place. I have plenty of references to back that up. We are NPIP Certified, members of Cochins International, MD State Poultry Fanciers Club, Delmarva Poultry Fanciers, APA, ABA & National Call Breeders of America. Feel free to contact us by email (tolbunt5(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Funky Feathers!


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Hi there! We have some really nice Splash Cochin bantams (Cochin coop line) and Butterscotch Call Ducks (Foley/Fuller lines). We also acquired a nice little call duck pullet from Gemara Leska (Duckluck). Please take a look at our website, we update it with new pictures every 2 months. Right now we have 5 nice pairs of cochins up for sale. Ducks are sold out. We won’t have any more birds after these until Fall 2014.

Hello world!

Welcome to Funky Feathers Fancy Poultry Farm. We are located on 14 acres on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, in a little rural town called Toddville (Bishops Head/Crocheron). We consider our location to be Bishops Head (at the Crocheron Border) but there is no post office in Bishops Head, so we have the zip code for Toddville. Confusing? Kind of. But we always give great directions and rarely does anybody get lost. Most people who do get lost end up at the house across the street! Silly wabbits. After all we do have our farm sign at the end of our long driveway.

If you are not familiar with us yet, we started out in 2001 with 2 ducks and 2 chickens. Since then we have expanded to approximately 17 birds. We have ducks and chickens only. We are located on a 14 acre farm on  Maryland’s Eastern Shore, 30 miles South of Cambridge, in a little town called Toddville (actually Bishops Head).
We are a family owned and operated farm, not a big commercial hatchery. Our farm is owned by Richard and Stephanie Kendall. I, Stephanie, operate the farm at home. Richard helps me with the heavy work.
We are licensed through the state of MD.  We are NPIP certified (#51-370) . Meaning  our birds are free from Pullorum/Typhoid and AI  We get them tested for A.I. (Bird Flu) every 90 days.   I showed our birds at twice in 2010. We showed some of our birds at the Delmarva Show on March 6th at the Harrington, DE Fairgrounds. We got 3 1st place, 2 BV and 1 RV and 3 2nd place out of 6 birds entered. We attend 2 shows every year, the Delmarva Show in Harrington, DE and the MSPFA Show in Frederick, MD.
We are members of  the Delmarva Poultry Fanciers’ Club, Delmarva Poultry Fanciers’ Club, MD State Poultry Fanciers, Cochins International,The APA and the ABA.
We pride ourselves in keeping our our birds healthy and happy. I spend 2-3 hours each day feeding, watering, and cleaning out my pens. We treat all our birds like pets, and give them treats every few days. Everyone who has visited our farm has said we have the cleanest poultry pens they have ever seen.

Here is our list of the breeds we offer:
Ducks- Butterscotch Calls.
Chickens-  Bantam Splash Cochins.
If it is not listed here we do not have it.

We only have these 2 breeds, NO silkies, polish or other breeds. We sell most of our birds at  online poultry auctions, Facebook, BYC ( and through our website. We also sell locally, and welcome you to our farm. Just email or call and let us know when you can come.
Most of our breeders are show quality. Every bird we have is pictured here on the website.

Thanks for your interest in our birds.